Contract award notice 2010-11-18

Contract award notice regarding framework agreements for analysis of environmental, social and ethical aspects including advice. 

Första AP-fonden (AP1) has decided to sign framework agreements with Ethix SRI Advisors, GES Investment Services,MSCI and Northwest & Ethical Investments and Sustainalytics for the possibility of delivering analysis concerning environmental, social and ethical aspects and advice.

The decision has been made on the basis that these tenders are considered to be the most economically advantageous based on the established criteria in the request for proposal. The assessment of the criteria was made based on the material included in the offer and then confirmed, clarified or deepened by meeting or teleconference, or in contact with references.

  • Quality, competence and experience have been assessed according to the specifications of the areas listed.
  • Experience in working with organizations such as the AP funds and the Ethical Council has been assessed from what has been stated in the tenders. 
  • Prices have been assessed according to what has been presented by the tenders.

Framework agreements covering all services addressed in the request for proposal will be signed with Ethix SRI Advisors, GES Investment Services and Sustainalytics (part 1-4). For MSCI, the framework agreement will cover company analysis (part 2) and sector/theme analysis (part 3). The framework agreement with Northwest and Ethical Investments will solely cover advice and support with dialogues (part 4).

According to the law on public procurement there will be no signing of agreements until ten days has passed from the date given in this decision.

For further information, please contact:
Nadine Viel Lamare
Phone:+46 8 566 20 270