Environmental and social responsibility

The Fund’s principles for environmental and social responsibility are based on the same set of values that is applied by the Swedish government and in which democracy, the equal value of all people, the freedom and dignity of individuals and sustainable development are central components. 

Consequently, one minimum requirement is that the companies in which the Fund invests conduct their operations in a manner consistent with the international conventions that have been signed by Sweden.

Första AP-fonden urges companies to embrace the UN’s Global Compact and expects the companies to actively apply its ten principles. Among other things, this involves taking the environmental consequences of their operations into account. Companies must be aware of and take relevant measures to reduce the direct and indirect environmental impact of their operations throughout the product life cycle.

The companies should also respect human rights and the International Labour Organization’s core conventions. This means among other things that the Fund does not accept discriminatory practices or treatment, forced labour, child labour or the prohibition of freedom of association. The Fund also expects the companies to ensure safe working conditions in both their own production units and those of their subcontractors. In addition, the companies are expected to work against all forms of corruption.

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