Första AP-fonden’s participation in general shareholder meetings

Första AP-fonden’s ownership approach is based on a conviction that investments in well managed companies will provide higher returns and lower risks in the long term.

Första AP-fonden therefore chooses to be an engaged owner through shareholder activism – which incudes corporate governance and the companies’ social and environmental responsibility – in order to contribute to long-term value creation in the pension system. Första AP-fonden’s actions in ownership issues are always motivated by what is best for the companies and the shareholders, and therefore also for both current and future pensioners over time. In cooperation with other shareholders and other stakeholders, the Fund works for the companies’ best interests so that the Fund is – and is perceived as – an engaged, responsible and long-term owner.

Since each company has unique conditions, the Fund devotes considerable effort to understanding the companies’ various needs.

The Fund typically has smaller holdings in the foreign companies, and therefore has more limited scope to exert a direct influence in these. Despite this, Första AP-fonden votes in the majority of foreign general meetings in accordance with the Fund’s ownership policy.

A summary of Första AP-fonden’s participation in general meetings can be found at right.


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