Press releases

Below is a list of press releases from Första AP-fonden.

Results January-June 2002

8/28/2002 4:00:00 PM

The substantial downturn witnessed in the world’s stock markets during the first
half-year 2002 has resulted in Första AP-fonden reporting a loss of SEK 11.2 billion,
representing a total rate of return before asset management costs of -8.4 percent.
• The fund capital amounted at 30 June to SEK 123.7 billion (130.8), including a net
inflow of liquid assets during the first half-year of SEK 4.0 billion.
• Första AP-fonden reviewed its Ownership Policy during the year. "The new Ownership
Policy implies that the Fund will become more active than before, and will emphasise the
strong interest that the Fund has in this respect," says William af Sandberg,Managing
Director of Första AP-fonden.
• The Fund's Ethical and Environmental Policy has also been reviewed. Should a company
breach an international convention, the Fund would prefer to use its ownership influence
by endeavouring to help the company to improve its behaviour in the matters that may
have arisen, instead of selling the company's shares.