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Op-Ed DN 23 October 2015

"The proposed reform of the AP Funds is expensive and will lead to lower pensions"
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Investments and climate change

AP1, together with a group of other international institutional investors, has participated in a study by consultancy firm Mercer on the impact of climate change on investments. The findings were published in the report  ”Investing in a time of climate change”, launched in London on 4 June 2015.

AP1 Chief Investment Officer, Mikael Angberg, comments on the report: “The findings show yet again the complexity of the climate issue. Working on the report has not only given us better knowledge on challenges and opportunities of these issues but also tools to make more well informed investment decisions in the future".

Letter to G7

Första AP-fonden has, together with other institutional investors, written a letter to the Finance Ministers of G7, asking them to set long-term carbondioxide global emissions reduction goals and medium-term emissions pledges. Read the letter here.

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